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'Infinium brings together an amazing mix of talent that together work magic. We would never have thought to include this mix.'    - SVP, Healthcare

We help organizations LAUNCH IDEAS.


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Founded in 2004, Infinium is a consulting firm with a mission to unleash the creative brilliance within individuals and organizations, and to develop their competency to think creatively and to innovate. Infinium was named to mean a place of Infinite possibilities – a place to explore possibilities and discover opportunities. We are confident this is exactly what you will find.

We work with a variety of organizations, from 500 employees to Fortune 500 companies, spanning a wide-range of disciplines including financial, telecommunications, education, manufacturing and health care fields, just to name a few. Past clients have included H & R Block, Embarq, Black & Veatch, American Century Investors, Sprint, Bayer Animal Health, Truman Medical Center, and Wells Fargo.

Based on the proven 6i ProcessSM, Infinium offers services to help organizations solve complex problems and create breakthrough solutions. We partner with you to achieve a specific result, and also help you to embed competencies of innovation within your organization, to get you on the path to sustainable and profitable growth.


Infinium is comprised of an eclectic team of experts, or what we call your Thinking PartnersTM. We combine the business acumen of seasoned executives, the customer understanding of an anthropologist, the creativity of design thinking, the concept building of innovation experts, and the learning focus of a leadership development team to get your organization on the path to competitive advantage.

‘Innovation can be vast and overwhelming. We remove the clutter so you can see a clear path to success.’


Sue Mosby, President


Our founders story video.

Sue Mosby is the Founder and President of Infinium and brings more than 25 years of expertise from architecture, design thinking, and creative problem solving to her work with clients.

Sue is driven by an irrepressible belief that everyone has the potential to be creative and to develop their competency to think creatively and to innovate. Clients describe her as “the real deal” because she not only gets results, but also enables organizations to embed the skills and processes she uses for repeatable and sustainable innovation.

As a recognized leader in innovation, Sue is often sought as a keynote speaker for conferences and organizational meetings. Sue’s energy and enthusiasm is captivating and a breath of fresh air in business settings and conferences.

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