Our Process

'Using Infinium’s process and tools as our catalyst, we explored our challenge from new angles and discovered a compelling solution we never would have on our own.'   - SVP, Fortune 500

We help organizations THINK DIFFERENTLY.

The marketplace is in a constant state of change. Yesterday’s thinking will not work tomorrow. This means organizations must think, do and act differently or risk being left behind.


We help organizations conceive new insights, ideas, and vision. We are committed to helping you:

Solve burning issues like a new product or service, business model, internal initiative or strategic vision.
Develop a repeatable system of innovation, including insights gathering, idea generation, concept
building and prototyping.
Transform the organization by embedding innovation as a core competency and competitive advantage
throughout the organization.


Innovation is the backbone of all successful companies. The 6i ProcessSM is a repeatable system that enables organizations to develop a core competency in innovation. The techniques have been proven in creative industries and are key drivers from the most innovative companies.


Our success has been a reflection of our combined offering of experts, methods, and our ability to forge a unique and enduring partnership with our clients. Our clients often say, “You’re not a typical consulting firm.” Why? We have a comprehensive approach driven by two key elements.

Infinium is comprised of an eclectic group of bright experts who bring proven skills to solve our client’s toughest challenges and capture their biggest opportunities. Our experts include masters of creativity and innovation, strategists, designers, corporate leaders, ethnographers, psychologists, artists, illustrators, actors, and writers.
Our process is highly collaborative and interactive. We apply a “learning by doing” philosophy to every engagement. Clients actively participate in the work as our experience has proven that the only way to learn innovation is to do it.


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