Who We Help

'Our company has been successful over the years, but we were stuck. Infinium showed us how to discover new opportunities and we are now enjoying a path of significant growth.'    - CEO, Manufacturing

We help organizations GET UNSTUCK.

Our clients understand what it takes to drive a successful enterprise, but seek ways to innovate beyond their current success. In an aim to increase competitive advantage, they – and most organizations – struggle with these problems:

Stuck in analytical thinking. Relying on analytical and status quo thinking, organizations find it difficult to move forward.

An unformed vision. Organizations have a glimpse of what might be possible, but fail to see beyond present challenges and circumstances.

Scattered ideas. Though not short of new ideas, organizations struggle to build these ideas into an actionable framework for results.

Outdated business practices. Paralyzed in “business as usual” thinking, organizations slip behind more innovative competitors.

Incremental growth. Existing products and services are mediocre causing slow, incremental growth.

Founded in 2004, Infinium developed a unique approach grounded in over 30 years of creative thinking and business perspective to help clients think differently about their challenges and opportunities.

Our clients are established enterprises, from businesses with fewer than 50 employees to Fortune 500 companies, who share these common characteristics:

○ Drive for competitive advantage.
○ Open-mind to try new, proven approaches.
○ Belief in the positive impact of creativity.
Embrace change, rather than run from it.
Seek more than a “quick fix.”

If this describes your organization, then Infinium is the thinking partner you need to move beyond status quo and into a new level of organizational success.

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