Our Services

'Infinium led us through their research and ideation methods to conceive a new product, exceeding all expectations. Then they taught us the process.'    - VP, Telecommunications

We help organizations UNLEASH CREATIVITY.

INNOVATION. It’s a term that can mean different things to different people. At Infinium, we believe innovation is the ability to create meaningfully unique solutions to any compelling challenge or opportunity. That’s why you’ll see us using our expertise in various ways, from launching new products and services to developing vision and strategy, or from changing organizational culture to developing new business models and internal processes.

Each of our clients brings different variables and their unique needs to the table, but they share a common desire to:

Get unstuck

Launch ideas

Think strategically

Think differently

Unleash creativity

Build innovation

Our services help organizations ignite their creativity and develop their innovation capabilities, while meeting their strategic business objectives and building a sustainable business future. Based on our foundational 6i ProcessSM, we develop highly customized, unique solutions that integrate five core services:

Consult | We advise clients on how to approach solving their burning issues to achieve breakthrough solutions and then guide them to new results.
Research | We design and lead the research methods our clients need to discover new insights and inspiration to fuel new perspectives.
Ideate | We develop and guide clients through a structured process of divergent and convergent thinking to conceive new insights, products and services, visions and processes.
Train | We teach clients how to unleash creativity and build innovation capabilities in themselves and in their organization, growing their confidence to execute similar strategies on their own.
Coach | We team with organizations and lead them into building their unique sustainable system for innovation.
Keynote | We inspire your audience to embrace creativity and innovation with an insightful, relevant and energizing keynote presentation by our founder, Sue Mosby


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